Friday, December 17, 2004

Best Albums

My friend Fred has started a flexible list of his favorite 50 albums, thus leading me to make the following suggestion:

Radiohead, OK Computer

A lot of people put this among their top albums, but here's my rationale of why it belongs here: Radiohead is the Pink Floyd of my generation- the band is accessible enough to have a popular following, yet complex, daring, compositionally huge, and experimental. In my opinion, OK Computer represents a brilliant crossroads in the band's career. This album combines the radio-friendly hooks of Pablo Honey and The Bends with a taste of the electronic sonic landscapes that Radiohead would come to rely more strongly upon with Amnesiac. I think that one the greatest compliments to the album was given by one of my favorite jazz musicians, Brad Mehldau, when he covered "Paranoid Android" on Largo- when you hear this tune in a jazz format, you come to realize how involved Radiohead was in conceiving each song.

If time permits, I hope to construct a similar list.

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